Welcome to Fallingwater's 24 Hour Budget Assistance Tool! Using this tool, you should be able to work up an accurate budget for your custom home or remodeling project. As we talk about elsewhere in our site, establishing the intial budget for your project is the most important step in making sure it stays on track financially. This tool will help you with that oh-so-important first step. To get started, you will answer the following questions the best you can.

Customer Information

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* Please give a brief description of the project, is it a second story addition, commercial remodel, custom home?

Step 1: New Construction Footage

* Please enter the total square footage of all the new construction or addition you plan to build.
Sq. Feet


  • Please enter only new construction and not remodeled areas. Include kitchens and baths, but donít include garages, unfinished storage rooms, or exterior decks, balconies, or stairways.
  • If you already have blueprints, you can usually find this information on the first or second page.
  • If this estimate is for a remodel with no addition, enter zero here.

Step 2: Remodel Construction footage
* Please enter the total square footage of any
existing structure which will be remodeled.
Sq. Feet


  • If you have drawings of the project, the best way to get this number is to measure individual rooms, then total up your numbers, or sometimes this information is on the first page if an architect drafted it.
  • Include any Kitchens and Baths, but donít include unfinished storage rooms, exterior decks and stairways, or garages.

Step 3: Kitchens and Baths
* How much of the project consists
of kitchens and/or bathrooms?
Sq. Feet


  • Just to confirm, you should have already included kitchens and baths in the numbers you entered in steps one and two. This step adds a premium to kitchen and bath areas as they cost more to build.
  • Please include kitchenettes and bar areas in this number.

Step 4: Decks, Balconies, Garages, and Patios

Please enter the total area of any exterior
decks, balconies, garages and patios, if any.
Sq. Feet


  • Donít include driveways or simple concrete walkways. This is mainly for decks, patios, stairways and balconies that will be integrated into the house and usually will have a roof over them.
  • Make sure you include garage area even if it is a detached garage.

Step 5: Complexity of the Build

Please click one radio button per row to give us
an idea of the complexity of your project.


  • Please try to answer every question as best as you can. The more questions we have answered, the closer our initial estimate will be.
  • While weíve tried to keep the questions as simple as possible, there are a few that are a little more technical. If you donít know the answer to a particular question, you can give us a call at 949.388.2100 or email us at [email protected] and weíll help you with that question. If you want to keep it simple for now thatís ok too, just check the option in the middle ďaverageĒ column for every question you donít know.

Section 1: Interior Fixtures and Finishes

Subject Very Simple and Affordable Cost Effective Average Slighly Upgraded Highly Custom, Expensive
What will the interior wall finishes be?
Straight 8' walls with basic textured drywall finish and one color
Straight 9' walls with basic textured drywall finish, one color
Straight 9' walls with textured drywall and multiple colors
Tall walls, faux or special paint colors, or smooth drywall finish
Plaster on walls, faux paint, "old world" drywall finish, other custom finishes
What kind of interior doors did you see in your project?
Prehung off-the-shelf hollow core painted doors
Stain grade hollow core doors in standard sizes
Paint grade wood or composite doors, standard sizes
Clear/stain-grade "rail & stile" or french doors, standard sizes
Custom designed and sized wood, metal, and/or glass doors
What will the style and level of detail be for the interior trim?
Simple painted door molding, drywall cased windows, basic baseboard
Basic door molding, wood windowsills with drywall molding
Painted or stained wood door and window moldings
More complex window and door molding designs or some wainscot
Complex clear finsh wood trim everywhere, wainscot throughout
What will the floors be finished with?
Economy grade carpet or vinyl composition tile
Medium grade nylon carpet, linoleum or vinyl sheeting
Good grade nylon carpet, ceramic tile, pergo
Solid wood flooring, porcelain or stone tile
Wood floor with custom patterns, high end stone, heated floors
How complex will the interior lighting be?
Economy grade surface mounted ceiling and wall fixtures
Medium grade surface ceiling/wall fixtures, track lighting
Recessed lighting for ambient lights, dimmers by code
Expensive recessed, pendant, and wall-sconce fixtures
Custom and accent lighting everywhere, computer controlled system
What kind of countertops will we be installing in the project?
Prefabricated laminate tops with integral backsplash, cut to length
Custom plastic laminate tops, some corian or basic tile
Corian, some granite tiles prefabricated slabs
Solid stone tiles and some stone slabs, concrete countertops
Solid stone slabs with custom edge details and intricate backsplashes
What will all the cabinets be like in the kitchens and baths?
Economy grade prefinished modular units, 3/4 extension glides
Midprice prefinished modular units readily available
Semi-custom units in modular sizes, full extension glides
Custom painted or stained cabinets with basic finishes and minimal upgrades
Fully custom plywood units, premium finishes, many functional upgrades
What kind of appliacnes do you plan on using?
Off brand base models in white or other standard finish
Major manufacturer base models
Midprice models with extra features
Brand name upgraded models in stainless steel or with wood panels
Commercial and European models, many features and upgrades
Give us an idea as to the cost of kitchen and bath fixtures.
Basic sinks, economy grade off the shelf faucets and valves
Basic sinks, faucets and valves
Brand name sinks, faucets, and valves in some upgraded finishes
Brand name items in all premium finishes, some special order items
Frameless shower doors, high end fixtures, custom layouts, bidets, whirlpool bath etc.

Section 2: Building Shell and Exterior Finish

Subject Very Simple and Affordable Cost Effective Average Slighly Upgraded Highly Custom, Expensive
Can you describe the construction of the floor framing?
Basic concrete slab on a one story structure, so no floor framing
Conventional and basic solid wood framing
Pre-engineered composite framing mixed with solid wood framing
Custom engineered floor system
Lots of large beams, upgraded stiffness or sound reduction upgrades<
What will the wall and ceiling construction of the house be like?
Straight wood stud walls 8' tall and all square corners
Straight wood stud walls 9' tall and some angles
Straight wood stud walls 9 - 10' tall with sloped or stepped ceiling
Straight and curved stud walls with sloped or stepped ceiling
Lots of curved and angled walls, custom designed ceilings and other custom details
Describe the finish and look of the structure's exterior
Stained or painted exterior grade plywood, basic wood window trim
Stucco on main walls, hardi siding elsewhere, basic trim
Stucco or mid grade wood or Hardi siding and standard window trim
Mixture of stone/brick and stucco or basic siding
Stone and/or clear stained premium wood siding or many custom exterior details
What kind of exterior doors will the project have?
Off-the-shelf vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum sliding or hinged doors
Upgraded main/front door, off the shelf items elsewhere
Upgraded front door; custom sizing or other custom details elsewhere
Premium brand name units in standard sizing, some upgrades
Premium brand name or custom made units with custom details and hardware
What type of windows
will go into the structure?
Basic vinyl or aluminum units in off the shelf sizing
Brand name vinyl units in standard sizing
Brand name vinyl; a few windows having custom details
Brand name wood windows in standard sizes; a few custom details
Premium windows with special grids and hardware in custom shapes/sizes
Can you describe the overall shape and design of the roof?
A standard 'gable' (barn style) roof sitting on a rectangular floor plan
A standard 'gable' roof sititing on a 'L' or 'U' shaped floor plan
A standard "hip" style roof on an average floor plan
Combination of roof shapes with dormers or other custom styles
Custom shapes, lots of angles, dormers with windows, lots of skylights shafts
What type of roofing material will we install
over the structure?
Torch down or budget asphalt shingles
Upgraded asphalt shingles
Wood shingles or premium designer asphalt shinges
Lightweight clay or cement roof tiles, metal panels
Slate or custom tile roof, copper roof, or highly upgraded weather protection
What kind of porches, balconies and decks will we be building?
Basic pressure treated wood
Redwood or manufactured decking in basic layout and design
Redwood or manufactured decking material, some custom details
Decking material with curves, custom shapes or custom details
Tile or slate, or any decks built over finished living space
What kind of exterior lighting do you plan
to install?
Code minimum for safety
Code minimum with upgraded fixtures for energy effiicency
Upgraded fixtures, with some additional accent/ambiance lighting.
Some additional exterior details, possibly a few simple computer controlled modules.
Custom light details everywhere with high-end computer control system.

Section 3: Foundation and Site Information

Subject Very Simple and Affordable Cost Effective Average Slighly Upgraded Highly Custom, Expensive
What is the
Building Site Like?
Easy to access, plenty of room for worker parking and material storage
Easy to access, with limited parking, delivery, and storage area
Limited access, material storage, and parking.
Restricted access, storage, and parking. Difficult to get to quickly
Very tight access, close neighbors, or inaccessible by large truck
What is the topography
of the site?
Flat and open
Slight slope and some trees or other obstacles
Moderate slope or jagged and hilly
Hillside, or lots of trees, and/or boulders
Steep slope, or mountainous terrain.
What are the soil
conditions of the site?
Good soil for support and drainage
Good soil for support
Marginal soil, poor drainage
Deep bedrock, or loose, non-native soil
Extremely Rocky or expansive clay soil
Site work needed before construction can begin
No site work needed prior to foundation work
Minimal site regrading needed
Moderate grading or small retaining walls needed
Extensive grading, short concrete or block retaining walls
Extensive grading, tall engineeered retaining walls
How much site paving will be required for the project?
No paving or should not be included in this estimate
Minimal paving for door landings and/or garage
Walk and patio paving, basic broom finish concrete
Walk, driveway, and patio paving in basic broom finish concrete
Walk, driveway and patio paving stamped, textured and/or colored concrete
What kind of demolition is involved in the project?
Little to no demolition
Limited and only partion walls or light finishes
Minor structural walls and some concrete
Extensive structural walls and foundation demolition
Complete foundation replacement, shoring up of roof loads
What is the type of foundation you believe
the new structure will have?
Standard Concrete slab
Spread footings and basic grade beams
Concrete mat slab or extra thickened edge
Deep pier and grade beam
A custom, non-typical engineered foundatioin system

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